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LED street light development status and future

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China Garden Network April 4 news: LED can replace the traditional lamps, depending on whether the overall performance of the LED exceeds the traditional light source, whether it has long-term cost-effectiveness. On the whole, LED will bring a new revolution to artificial lighting, becoming a new type of light source that fully surpasses existing light sources, and has very good development potential and market prospects. LED street lamps have gradually been accepted and tried since they were initially rejected, but LED street lamps have a long way to go to replace traditional light sources.
First, the difference between LED street lamps and traditional street lamps
Different from the LED landscape lights that have been widely used, high-power road lighting requires a wide coverage, large light projection, high uniformity, and high heat dissipation requirements. This is the most difficult area for directional LEDs. Compared to traditional lamps, LED lamps show different characteristics in four aspects.
(a) Lamp structure.
(b) Effectiveness.
(c) Light color.
(d) Prices.
Second, the application of LED lights
(1) The LED lighting products industry has a low threshold and the quality is uneven. The tendering mode for the material with the lowest bid price makes it difficult to enter into high-quality products that do not have price advantages.
(2) The LED products are faster than the new ones, and the products of different manufacturers are incompatible with each other and are not interchangeable. It is difficult to repair the LED products later.
(3) The testing standards are not mature enough. There is no authoritative LED product standard testing method so far, which makes it difficult for us to select high-quality facilities.
(4) Most of the products require replacement of the entire lamp. The maintenance cost of a single lamp is about 10 times that of conventional lamps.
(5) In recent years, tenders for LED street lamps have been carried out several times in succession, of which the flow mark has reached 11 times. The main reason is that the parameters of the manufacturer's weight lamps and lanterns cannot be detected by authoritative testing agencies, which seriously affects the promotion and use of LED street lamps.
Third, the prospect of LED street lamps
(1) General prospects: Although LEDs have been limited by color and luminous efficiency for many years, GaP and GaAsP LEDs have many advantages such as long life, high reliability, low operating current, and compatibility with TTL and CMOS data circuits. Has been the user's pro-Lai.
(2) Breakthroughs in the development process: first, the need for industry policy support, the development of unified labeling and specification, and the solution to the problem of interchangeability of clients; second, the improvement of light efficiency; and third, control of costs, only controlling the cost The advantage of cost-effectiveness; the fourth is to ensure the working conditions of the LED and the awareness of the technical power supply.
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