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4K HDR spy exposure! LED display will formally enter the era of HDR

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Afewdaysago,domesticmediaexposedaspyshotofa4KHDRdisplay.Thecolorspaceofthephotoisrichandwide,andthedetailsofthehighlightsandshadowsarecomplete,givingaverycomfortableandnaturalreadingexperience. Accord
A few days ago, domestic media exposed a spy shot of a 4K HDR display. The color space of the photo is rich and wide, and the details of the highlights and shadows are complete, giving a very comfortable and natural reading experience.
According to a person familiar with the matter, the mobile phone has HDR camera function, and the liquid crystal display main HDR concept, and the LED industry has recently developed the first display that supports HDR standard analysis. It is widely believed that this indicates that the LED display industry will formally enter the HDR era.
As a new high-end technology in the field of LED display, HDR (High Dynamic Range) supports a larger dynamic range from "darkest" to "brightest", enhances contrast, has a wider and richer color space, and can bring The immersive viewing experience for the audience allows the display to achieve the goal of “reducing the true horizon and upgrading the value of display”.
According to a person familiar with the matter, the effect shown in the photo was based on the 4K display of Jue Juxu equipped with a Nova MCTRL4K independent master + A8s/A10s receiver card, achieving accurate resolution and perfect display of the HDR standard source.
The curtain for the application of HDR technology has been opened. It can be expected that the future HDR display will be an industry trend. Let us look forward to a more real vision.
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